The process is simple, to get a real offer for your vehicle we will ask a few questions which helps us gather specific information about your vehicle. We’ll ask a few quick questions about your
vehicle’s overall condition, year, make, model Based on this information, we’re able to make
you a real offer.

Absolutely! You can sell us your car, even if you’re not ready to buy another car now. It’s an
easy, process to sell your vehicle with us. We buy many of cars each week from customers like

We will pay you for your car at your pick-up or drop-off appointment. We will provide you with
your payment on the spot. You will receive payment in the form of cash, company check, or
cashier’s check.

Depending on your location, we offer home appointments, meet-ups or vehicle drop-off. Our
appointments are fast and easy – we will take a quick look at your car to confirm the vehicle
details, pass you a couple of papers to sign, and then pay you on the spot! There may be an
additional fee for home pick up.

Yes, we help lots of customers sell cars with loans. We’ll guide you through the process to
gather your loan payoff information, we will pay your loan when we buy your vehicle.

Your offer from us is valid for limited time. If the information you provide accurately reflects
your vehicle details and condition, your offer will not change.

No! There are no extra charges for car appraisals.

We take all. No worries for damaged or unusable car. We want it all!

You can contact us through our phone number:732-690-9949 |Email address:
[email protected] | Address: 201 Shevchenko ave suite #B, S. Plainfield NJ 07080 (Coffee’s on us).